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The Narendra Modi Bio-pic Trailer Mercilessly Trolled

The  much-vaunted Narendra  Modi bio-pic PM Narendra Modi  has become the brunt of  the biggest troll  torrent in recent times. Blat

ant  attempts  to  project  the  Prime Minister as seen  in the trailer,as  the messiah  of  the downtrodden have thetwitterati in splits, so much so that prominent sections from  within the  BJP are worried  if this film will actually serve the purpose of winning Prime Minister Modi or just driving potential voters away.

Says a BJP loyalist,  “Let’s  not judge the  film before it is released. But yes, the trailer is   not what we  expected it to be.The presentation  could be more classy.”

What  about the historical facts such as  the  2002  Gujarat riots  which seen to have been swept  clean out of view ?

“It is not a  whitewash  job sanctioned by  the  prime  minister,  we can tell you that. Not is it a propaganda  film funded by the  BJP.We  didn’t ask  for this film to be made,” says a  well-placed  source who feels the  PM may just distance  himself  completely  from the  bio-pic….

“If  the heckling  continues  PM Modi would not associate himself with this film,” says  a party representative.

 Curiously  Vivek Oberoi’s father Suresh Oberoi is mentioned  in the credits of  the  trailer  as one  of  the  film’s producers. Omung Kumar  who directs this  bio-pic is no stranger to the genre having made films on Mary Komand Sarbjit Singh in  the past. Apparently this time Omung was  given a blueprint on how to process the bio-pic in a particular  mood .


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