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The Nightingale Sprang A Surprise For Her Family At 92



Lataji Mangeshkar

She never stopped springing surprises  on us till the  very last. Lataji  had an uncanny  knack  of re-inventing herself whether in  the sphere  of  music where her voice evolved constantly through the  decades  , from the 1950s to the  60s….right up the current  millennium.Or in anything else that she  tried.

 Even in her final  lap of life she was game  for new experiences. And it’s with considerable pleasure that I came to know Lataji had  developed  a huge passion for  cooking in her twilight year.

A  source  very close to her informs, “If you remember she had no interest in  cooking for most of her  life  and hated to enter the kitchen until absolutely necessary. But  in the last few years since she  was quarantined  for Covid, she developed  a growing passion for cooking. She spent hours  in the kitchen poring  over dishes,looking into every ingredient personally.And you know what? She proved a fantastic  cook. The family loved her cooking, She  loved to try new dishes and  feed her family.And they were absolutely hooked  to her cooking. In just  a  couple of years she proved herself the  best cook in the Mangeshkar family.”

 Which is saying a lot, considering sister Asha Bhosle has the reputation  of being  a worldclass  cuisine creator.

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