The Problem With Replacing Nana With Rana

So it’s official. Rana Daggubatti has replaced Nana Patekar  in  the  lavish  costume-comedy project  House Full 4.  The  veteran  actor Nana was accused  of  harassment  by Tanushree Dutta.

 A  few weeks ago  the  actor  declared he was  opting out of House Full 4 in the  best interests  of the  film.

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 But his replacement Rana Daggubati is  also cast in the MeToo net, albeit  tangentially. Rana  Daggubatti’s brother AbhiramDaggubati  was  named  by Telugu starlet Sri Reddy as one of her  prime sexual exploiters. In  that characteristically explicit style  of hers(subtlety, it seems, gets no  notice)  Sri Reddy accused Abhiram  of  forcible sex in a studio. She also released  a series  of WhatsApp exchanges with the star-brother where they are clearly not discussing  the weather.

So does Rana remain exempted from  the accusations  regarding the brother?

A core member  of  the  House Full 4 team says, “We don’t know how far this  goes. Rana’s brother being accused  of sexual exploitation doesn’t make him a part of it. Do we  boycott Farah Khan because her  brother Sajid is an accused? And wouldn’t it be very unfair to point a finger at Vicky Kaushal just because his father has been named?”

We leave it to  you to decide.

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