The Ranveer-Deepika Wedding, The Secrecy Is Amusing


If we were  to look at  the  drastic  measures being taken to  protect the  Big Fat Ranveer-Deepika Wedding from public exposure then we have  to say, this is  a more private  and exclusive wedding than  even the Bradd Pitt-Angelina  Jolie wedding.

At the moment the island of Lake Como in Italy is like a fortress.The kind where Papillon was incarcerated.

“Though  outside tourists are not barred officially, no boats  are willing to ply tourists from the mainland to Lake Como for the next two days. The wedding guests are being screened and monitored  very strictly to ensure no gatecrashers  happen.And they are  not supposed  to tell the  media  that they are  invited, ” says a  source.

I wonder what the punishment would be  for sharing the  invite e: an immediate strike-off from  the super-exclusive  guest-list perhaps?

Such is  the veil of secrecy that when I  asked a close friend and  sure-shot invitee about details he shared some  information  with me  on  condition that I keep the it to myself.

“Or else  they’ll know it’s me who told you,” the  friend shivered .

One  other  guest  whom I  knew was invited for sure,  usually known to be open  about everything she  does ,panicked when I asked about the  invitation.

Marvaoge kya?” she asked and hastily  changed the  subject.

While the  guest list is  still  a mystery, what we can tell you  is  that Ranveer and Deepika’s parents also danced at  theSangeet. But no, Ranveer  did not play the  dhol  at the Sangeet ceremony. Conjectural images, fuelled by an info-hungry media,  may flit by in your mind.  But please remember, nobody knows what is going on at Lake Como. The  guests have been  asked to strictly not post pictures  and to not discuss  the  wedding .

One detail I  can’t  help myself from sharing(at the risk of compromising my source) is  about our bridegroom’s curbed exuberance. Apparently his  bride has asked Ranveer to restrain  himself  from  …umm…overdoing things . during the wedding festivities.

And he  is doing just that.

 This has  got be Ranveer Singh’s best performance ever.

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