The Real Reason Behind The Great Karan Johar-Salman Khan Rift!


 It’s  over…Or did it ever begin, in  the first place? Karan Johar’s friendship with Salman Khan seemed doomed from the start. Salmandid  make  a guest appearance in Karan’s directorial  debut Kuch KuchcHota Hai. But thereafter, as  Karan’s proximity to  Shah Rukh Khan became  apparent to the entire world  Salman automatically gravitated away from  all things ‘KJO’

For many  years  the two  never crossed paths. But in recent yearsKaran  Johar was seen earnestly wooing Salman . Two years  agoKaran offered Salman the  film Shuddhi on his , Salman’s terms.WhileKaran  crossed his fingers and waited for Salman’s  yes to the project, the superstar simply procrastinated.

A friend  of  Salman reveals, “Salman  never had any intention  of  doing Shuddhi. He just kept Karan  dangling on for God knows what reason. But when he was with us friends he very clearly and not so politely told us  he  would never  work with Karan Johar.”

Then came the announcement about Karan and  Salman getting together with Akshay Kumar  for a historical Battle Of Saragarhi. This time the prospects of Karan getting Salman om board seemed bright because Karan dangled that extra temptation of launchingSalman Khan’s brother-in-law Aayush in a Dharma  Production.

Then something went horribly wrong.

“We  don’t know what happened. But Karan Johar backed out of his commitment to launch Aayush leaving Salman livid. He immediately opted out of Battle Of Saragarhi which will now be  co-produced byKaran Johar and Akshay Kumar. The  only reason Salman agreed to join hands with Karan Johar was Aayush’s launch. When Karan opted out of that commitment Salman saw no reason to  stick to his commitment,” reveals a source in the know.

Ayush will now be launched  by Salam Khan Films.

This development leaves the Salman-Karan Johar equation where it had been abandoned. It is unlikely that Salman will ever work in aDharma Production again.


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