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The Real Reason Why Swara Bhaskar and Himanshu Sharma Parted Ways



After  almost 5 years  of  inseparable togetherness , actress Swara Bhaskar and  writer Himanshu Sharma  have parted ways.

And  the  reason for  the parting is  Sharma’s refusal to make  a permanent  commitment.

Says a source  close to the couple, “After  five years , Swara  was  looking for marriage.In his defence,Himanshu  never said  no to marriage,  But he  didn’t say  yes either.  He kept  postponing  the  decision. Finally Swara  gave him an ultimatum. This is  where the  truth came  out. After  knowing  there  was  no marriage,Swara quit the  relationship.”

Any chances of  a rapprochement?

“Not likely,” says the source.  “They haven’t spoken for  almost a  month.”


Another reason for their rift is  their career trajectory. While Swara’s career  has been on  the upswing  in the  past few years, Himanshu Sharma  , no doubt a talented  screenwriter , suffered a big blow when  Zero, his big opus  starring Shah Rukh Khan,  backfired miserably.

Now Himanshu would rather  focus on his  career than  on love. Sad. Another Bollywood relationship bites the  dust.

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