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The Remo d’Souza-Varun Dhawan Fall-Out



The Remo d’Souza-Varun Dhawan Fall-Out 12

Blame games are the  most popular activity  in the entertainment  industry  post-failures. Varun Dhawan  is  at it. Sources say he had a  massive showdown with  director Remo d’Souza   after the  failure  of Street Dancer  3D.

And   Remo, not one to take insults lying down, gave it right  back to  Varun Dhawan .

 Says a  source in the know, “ Varun Dhawan doesn’t know  how to handle failures. After a  stream of unbroken success he  suddenly had to face two back-to-back flops. Ab  Karan  Johar ko tuch keh nahin sakte(about the failure  of Kalanktoh Remo hi sahi.”

 Apparently  Varun tried ticking  off  Remo about what he, Varun, saw as  the drawbacks and shortcomings in  Street Dancer  3.

“Remo  slammed Varun right back.He  very rightly pointed  out to Varun that if  Street Dancer 3D had been a  success everything would’ve been  just fine.And has Varun forgotten ABCD2 which Remo  directed so successfully?”

 This isn’t  the  first time when Remo has had a showdown with a leading man. After Race 3,  Salman Khan had similarly  confronted Remo. During  that confrontation too Remo stood his  ground.

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