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The Rumours Of Nihalani’s Ouster Are False, Say I & B Sources



Who started the whole speculation  on Pahlaj Nihalani’s ouster as the chairperson of the Censor Board Of Film Certification, and why?

It is baffling, because reliable  sources in the Ministry For Information & Broadcasting indicate that there is no such move afoot.

The source also brings a significant fact to light.  “Every time there has been  a board meeting of the CBFC on the anvil during the last two years ‘news’ about Pahlaj Nihlani’s ouster is leaked out presumably by disgruntled censorboard members.”

The  source says,  no discussion on Pahlaj Nihalani’s ouster has been tabulated in the board meeting to be held at Thiruvanthipuram on July 28.

“One of the topics to be discussed  will be the fate of  Jayan Cherian’s Ka Bodyscapes which has been  stuck with at the censors for many months now. But there is no move to discuss  Pahlaj Nihalani’s removal  or his replacement with names mentioned Prakash Jha, Dr Prakash Diwedi and Madhur Bhandarkar. Where did these names come  from?” asks the source
Where, indeed.

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