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The Scam Teaser Whets Our Appetite

The Scam Teaser Whets Our Appetite 22

 Hansal Mehta’s first webseries  promises  to be  a  game-changer. Scam, produced  by the  quality-conscious Applause Entertainment,  recreates that  whole  hysteria surrounding Harshad Mehta’s rise as  the  king of Dalal Street, and then his thundering downfall.

The  tantatalizing teaser that’s just  out shows  the talented Sharib Hashmi as  the  man determined to expose Harshad Mehta’s  multi-million stock brokerage scam. Hashmi is seen  huffing and panting to  Shreya Dhanwanthry(she was in  another  film  about another scam Why Cheat India)  about how  deep Dalal  scam runs.

Prudently  Hansal Mehta(no relation to Harshad)  with-holds any  visual  image in  the  first  of the  on-screen Harshad Mehta played  by  the phenomenal Gujarati actor Pratik Gandhi.

Why expose  everything in  the  first go? Why not make the expose a slowly unraveling striptease  of fiscal  intrigue and corporate greed? I  can’t wait to see what  Hansal , the Mehta has done to Harshad the Mehta in the soon-to-be-streamed  series Scam.

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