The Sikh Community Embraces Kesari

The  new Akshay Kumar  starrer Kesari which is  on  the way to  accruing 100  crore  rupees  at the  boxoffice,    has caught the imagination  of  the  Sikh community  like no other Hindi  film  in recent times.

Kesari  is  the first  and  perhaps only film  featuring a  non-Sardar leading man  playing  a Sardar which has  not courted controversy.

A  source  close to this winning  project  says the Sikh community  had  embraced  film from the start. “The Sikhs   even  did a  ceremony at the  start of  the  film  to  ensure it goes well, and then they were  with the  film all the way . The Sikhs were  proud that one of their  bravest soldier heroes Havaldar Ishar Singh was being put on screen. Now that the film is released  they love it.”

“It  does  the entire  Sikh community proud. Akshay Paaji has immortalized  the story of  our hero Havaldar  Ishar Singh,” says  singer-actor Diljit Singh.

Akshay has played the turbaned  Sikh hero very successfully  but also most controversially  in  the past in Singh Is Kinng.The film had Sikh organizations  coming  forward with their objections  after  its release. Most recently  Sikh organizations objected  to  Abhishek Bachchan smoking in a Sardarji’s  turban  in Anurag Kashyap’s  Manmarziyan.

“I’ve always  felt very special  while  playing  a  Sardar. Kesari is a  film that will always  remain  close to my heart,”  saysAkshay Kumar.

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