The Teaser Of Amavas Is Truly Chilling

Horror in India is a horrifically abused genre. Purveyors  of ersatz chills have reduced the shiver giver to a mockery, so much so that  every time one more  horror director  shows up to claim his film is hatke(different),  we  all get some  jhatke(jolts), induced  by laughter

But  the teaser  of  the Sachiin  Joshi-produced  Amavas  really made me sit up and look.  For once,  the director Bhushan Patel(earlier  into horror with  Ragini MMS2)  has not come  forward to make  any  tall claims. The visuals do all the talking.

And  boy, what we see in the  film is likely to make some of us  break into cold sweat.

The eerie environment is created not through an  over-punctuated background score  and  creaky sounds but by  actually entering  the  heart  of  terror through the plot about inexplicable phenomena  happening  on a fullmoon night. This is a surely  the horror genre finally crossing  puberty  in Bollywood.

Hence  for once the terror is  intrinsic and persuasive .A shot of the very beautiful Nargis Fakhri alone in bed accosted by two bloodied hands actually made me jump.

Sachiin Joshi  who also plays  the male lead in the film says Amavas was born from the collective  cineastes’ yearning for  a genuinely  scary  horror film.  “Whenever  a horror  film is attempted in Hindi we  find  the content to be dependent only on visual and sound scares. The plot is  neglected.In Amavas  we  have solid scary story to  spill  out . The  scares  follow.”

The  impressive  VFX are  done inhouse by Joshi’s production house.

“With Amavas  I  hope  to change the way we look at  horror in Hindi cinema,” says  Joshi.

 Going  by the teaser  the claim doesn’t ring hollow. Amavas  has  good competition .It  will rub shoulders with the Vicky Kaushal helmed  war drama Yuri in January 11.

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