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The Weddings That Rocked Bollywood In 2018



Never in living memory have three of Bollywood’s  screen  divas tied  the  knot during the same year.

What  was it about 2018 that made the year so eminently marriageable?

  1. Sonam Kapoor Weds Anand Ahuja: May  8. What was planned as  a small wedding became  a  BFW(big fat wedding) with  almost a week of merry-making in Mumbai . It figures. Can  you imagine anything associated withAnil Kapoor being anything  but  boisterous  crowded and  rumbustious. The Sonam-Anand marriage was definitely the  most colourful event of the year.And probably the  most ebullient wedding in  decades.
  2. Deepika Padukone Weds Ranveer Singh:  14 November. Children’s Day would never be  the same again.  On 14 November Deepika and Ranveer finally ended  months and years  of  suspense about their relationship status. Just weeks after  the Ambani heiress got  engaged  at Lake  Como, Deepika said ‘I  do’ to Ranveer  in  the scenic wilderness .
  3. Priyanka Chopra Weds Nick Jonas:  Unlike the Ranveer-Deepika relationship which grew over a  period of time ,Priyanka and Nick had a whirlwind courtship . They  met  at an awards event  in LA and decided to spend  the  rest of their lives  together .

It remains to be seen which among the three couples  beats the others to parenthood.

But  the one amazing similarity among the  three high-profile Bollywood weddings of 2018 is the exceedingly high volume of  devotion that the male spouse showers  on his wife.Look at Anand Ahuja, Ranveer Singh and  Nick Jonas in any picture with their wives. These  are guys madly in  love with their  beautiful wives.It’s in the their eyes. All the three marriages are  for keeps.



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