The Zero Trailer Offers A Romance Between 2 Misfits

The   trailer  of  Aanand Rai’s Zero comes to us with a huge amount of expectations.  Does it deliver? There  is  an angst-less buoyant midget  played by the tallest superstar Shah Rukh Khan who forces  his way into a relationship with a young paraplegic women played by  Anushka Sharma who speaks her lines  the way physically challenged  characters do in our films when they want to annoy you.

 I do hope Anushka’s character  is  not swathed in a clichéd  incomprehensibility just because she  is on a wheelchair.

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So there we  have  it. A  love story between  a midget and a misfit. Sounds cute. But the realist that  director Aanand  Rai is, he seems  to have opted for a  less  cute more pragmatic  and  pungent tone. There is  a tangy taste to the tale’s telling and a winking warmth  in  the way Shah Rukh’s vertically challenged character embraces his destiny in  life.

Judging by the trailer, Zero seems  to  move in  mysterious  unforeseen ways.  Just when  you think the  film will  build on the  Shah Rukh –Anushka romance,  and  weave the plot around their peculiar circumstances ,  in comes Katrina Kaif in the  shortest of dresses and  longest  of strides  as the consummate star, sexy swagger and  all.

For some strange reason Katrina reminded  me of  the lonely superstar played by  Hema Malini in  Vijay Anand’s Tere MereSapne. I must be imagining things. The  feverish trailer does  strange things to the  mind.

There  is too much happening  in the trailer of Zero. By the time  Katrina taunts  Shah Rukh and his character ends  up with a bloodied nose on the streets of  New York(don’t ask how) we are left with a lot of unanswered questions.

The rocket launch at the end  only made me more inquisitive.

 What  is  Zero  up to?

The  one certainty that we  come away with from the  long awaited trailer of Zero is that Aanand Rai and Shah Rukh Khan are on to something  never tried before in Hindi cinema.We can’t wait to see  how this story unfolds.

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