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There Is No Baahubali 3



Why is  Prabhas talking about  the  possibility of  another chapter  of Baahubali when the fact  is, director S S Rajamouli has made it crystal-clear to all concerned that he’s done with that franchise?

In an  interview with me, Rajamouli had said, “We shot  the whole story  as one complete unit. There’s nothing  more  to be said in Baahubali.”

And yet, Prabhas has lately been  heard talking about the  “possibility” of another Baahubali film when  there is absolutely none.

An informed source  says this  is  no more than a diversion strategy.

“Prabhas  is  tired of  being asked  about his love life. He has  tried every possible evasive answer. From  ‘I may I may not(have a girlfriend)’ to  ‘I have many(girlfriends)’ .   But  while the  Southern press  respects the demi-god superstar’s  right  to  privacy,  the  Mumbai  press is unrelenting in its  quest to  uncover some shred  of  evidence  of his association with AnushkaShetty in an unguarded moment  of  revelation from Prabhas. Rather than play the dodge game ,

Prabhas  has given the media an enticing bait: Baahubali,” says  the well-informed source.

Rajamouli, we hear, is none too pleased with this uncalled-for  summoning of  a  ghost when he has clearly moved on.

But  it is okay. Prabhas and Rajamouli are lifelong  friends.They’ve done two films together and  will definitely  do third sooner rather than later. Not Baahubali.

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