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Things you didn’t know about the birthday girl-Taapsee Pannu



Taapsee Pannu, the birthday girl has reached great heights in the last few years and has new found confidence which is helping her achieve great success and now there is no looking back for this beauty. Here are a few things no one knew about her.



Taapsee Pannu is one of the actors in Bollywood who is also an engineer. She is a rare case of an engineering student in college dominated by men / boys and even has the technical skills to be an app developer, including one she made in college.


Not everyone know but Taapsee, the Baby fame may have started as a south heroine but she’s still the true Sardaarni from Delhi.


After she graduated as an engineer, Taapsee was planning to pursue MBA but luck has it she ended up becoming an actress which was way more than getting what you wished for.
This lass is full of hidden talent.


Taapsee Pannu has left a mark in the South Indian film industry and is now climbing her ladder up in the Bollywood film industry with a lot of projects in hand among which is PINK with Amitabh Bachchan, tadka and Ghazi .


Taapsee by now is well versed with 3 different languages other than Hindi and English.


Taapsee Pannu is one woman who is successful under 30, independent and is doing very well for herself. Other than being an actress she is also an entrepreneur and is a successful wedding planner.  She has a well established career and looks forward to excelling more in the coming years.


She is One of the rare actresses to have had 7 releases in south in one single year of 2011.


She is also a badass who loves riding bikes and also endorses a popular bike brand. And to top it all she doesn’t require a stunt woman. She’s a person who always does stunts on her own for her films.


Taapsee Pannu loves racquet sports and also follows it. She is an avid sports player but she can easily beat you when it comes to a game of squash.


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