“Those Who Are Ripping My Performance Apart Have A Bigger Political Agenda Than Me,” Says Anupam Kher

 Savage reviews notwithstanding  The Accidental  Prime Minister, the controversial Manmohan Singh  bio-pic,  has  opened to surprisingly satisfactory crowds.

Some critics have  ripped into the film ferociously.

Anupam who was  getting ready for a  3-month trip abroad on Saturday morning said he couldn’t care  less about  the  adverse reviews.  “No matter what  you do  there will be people trying to  pull you down. Criticism was always a  favourite  national pastime. Now film criticism has  also become  a  big source  of self-entertainment for Indians.I don’t take criticism or  the film criticism  to heart. Finally  it is just one man or woman’s opinion. And  I’ve seen enough  glowing and  glowering  reviews in my career to take  both in my stride.”

What  has surprised  Anupam quite  a bit is the scathing criticism  leveled  at  his portrayal  of Manmohan Singh. “It seems some  critics have a much larger than political agenda than what I am  supposed  to  have. The comments are uncalled –for and  irrelevant. I wanted to portray Dr Manmohan Singh with  the dignity and grace that he deserves. And I think I’ve  succeeded  in that.Grant me at least that  bit of experience  and wisdom as actor.”

Anupam now flies  off to  other  challenges. “I am going to be in the US  for the  next three months  shooting  for  the new season  of  the series New Amsterdam . I play one of  the leads an Indian doctor named  Vijay Kapoor. It is one  of  the  most popular serials  played across the  world. I am  setting aside  my next three months fully  to the series, with  no other  digressions.”

 Anupam’s  closing  thoughts  on  the  cynical reviews of The Accidental  Prime  Minister? “We set out to tell the  story of  an unsung hero, a politician who was  far less political than the  job required him to be. The  film is based on  a book written  by  Dr Singh’s  political advisor. But  it  is  not  a bio-pic on Dr Singh.  It  depicts  ten crucial  years in the  life of India’s politics.You  may not  think  much  of the  film. But  do not belittle  the intelligence  of  the country’s moviegoing audience.”

How does Anupam explain the encouraging  opening in spite of  some poor reviews? 

He  quips, “How  do  you explain the  poor opening  of so many film in spite of the  glowing reviews? Indians are a politically savvy  people. The audiences  likes to know the truth about political figures , specially someone as  reclusive  as Dr Manmohan Singh.”

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