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“Thugs Of Hindostan Was Meant To Be Made With Hrithik”

“Thugs Of Hindostan Was Meant To Be Made With Hrithik,” Shocking Insider Reveals How Aamir Took Over The Role

It would be perhaps excessively optimistic to expect even a modicum of ethics in the movie industry. Nowadays actor and even singers muscle into their colleague’s projects without a by-your-leave.

There was a time when an actor would call up an actor before accepting a role earmarked for another. Now …well, all is fair in love and showbiz.

A lot has been written about how Hrithik Roshan was replaced by Aamir Khan in Yash Raj Films’ Thugs Of Hindostan. Armchair analysts have invented sob stories about how the debacle of Mohenjo Daro robbed Hrithik of Thugs Of Hindostan.

The real story of how Hrithik found himself out of the project is even more shocking considering an actor who replaced him purports to stand on a high moral ground.

A well-placed insider from Yash Raj films spills the beans. “The entire project was planned with Hrithik Roshan . He sat over many discussions and sittings with Aditya Chopra forThugs Of Hindostan. And Aditya clearly told Hrithik he wouldn’t make the film withoutHrithik.”

However the script, as it was shaping up, played the villain.

Says the source, “Hrithik was just not happy with the script.Even some of the characters were under-developed. In fact the role of the leading lady was so sketchy that no major  leading was willing to do the role. He suggested to Adi that they work on the script for some time more, as the script did not justify the Rs 160-crore budget.Adi agreed withHrithik. He told Hrithik the script will be further developed before Hrithik is contacted.Hrithik told Adi to take his time. Whether two months one year, he will do the film whenever the script is ready.”

Apparently soon after this, director Victor Acharya met Aamir Khan. The two had worked together in Dhoom 3 .

Says the source, “Aamir asked Victor about Thugs Of Hindostan.Victor narrated the subject to Aamir and he loved it, as it was…no changes required. Victor grabbed the chance to work with Aamir again.”

As for Hrithik, no one even bothered to inform him of the change.

When contacted Hrithik, Aamir and Victor Acharya remained unavailable for comment.



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