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Tiger Shroff: “Ek Hi Disha Hai Mere Liye Work Work Work.”

 For now, Jackie Chan and Disha Patani are the constants in Tiger Shroff’s life.Apparently Jackie(which also happens to be Tiger’s father’s name) is pissed off with Tiger for claiming that martial arts originated in India. 

“But it’s true!” protests Tiger, refusing to relent to pacify Chinese/Middle-Eastern sections who have always claimed the martial arts to be theirs. “I was just stating facts, that’s all. I hope Jackie Chan Sir doesn’t beat me up.”

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However Tiger tongue-firmly-in-cheek is sure he can escape Jackie Chan’s wrath. “It’s ok. I am aware of my capabilities. I know I am the fastest runner on the other side of Milkha Singh. So if I am chased down I can protect myself.”

Actor Tiger Shroff
Actor Tiger Shroff

Besides, claims Tiger, he has his co-star in Baaghi to protect him from peril.  “Shradha Kapoor is my one-woman army. She’s my hero.She protects me from all danger.”

And where does that leave Tiger’s alleged relationship with model-actress Disha Patani?

He sighs, “Ek hi Disha hai mere liye.Work work and more work.”

He then adds regretfully, “Patani ko pataana mushqil he nahin naamumkin hai(to win over  Patani is not only difficult it’s impossible). She is way above my league.”


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