Tiger Shroff: ” If You Are Really A Fan Please Don’t Do Anything You Will Regret Later”


Two of Tiger Shroff’s fans from Agra ran away from their homes to meet their favourite star Tiger Shroff. They were sent back home by the police.

But Tiger is deeply perturbed by this extravagant show of affection.

He says he is isn’t flattered. ” No, I am deeply troubled.I’ve seen fans do crazy things for their favorite actors. My dad (Jackie Shroff) had some real crazy fan experiences. Now when I get this kind of love I accept the warm affection humbly but I reject the drastic ways of showing affection. So it is a very mixed feeling for me. While I am happy to receive so much love and affection I  very disturbed that the two boys ran away from their homes to meet me. Imagine what trauma the boys’  family or caretakers must have gone through. This is just not done.”

Tiger feels there must be easier ways for fans to meet their favourite stars .”Like Bachchan Saab who religiously interacts with his fans every Sunday. Of course, I don’t even think of myself as a star. But what do I do with these beautiful people who think I am a star? I can only urge them not to do anything they’d regret later.”

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