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Tiger Shroff Sneaks Into Gaiety Theatre



Tiger Shroff’s post-debut film Baaghi has opened to a welcoming audience. The film’s young leading man is being praised for  his action scenes and dancing.

On Friday night Tiger slipped into Mumbai’s massy single-theatre Gaiety to gauge the audiences’ response.

What Tiger witnessed left him speechless.

Says the grateful actor, “I went in disguise, half-hoping at least some would recognize me. Luckily I was so well disguised that nobody recognized me. My heart was racing like a speeding car. I haven’t heard this much whistling in the theatre since my song and dance Whistle bajaa in my debut film Hero-panti.”

Actor Tiger Shroff

Actor Tiger Shroff

Audiences are comparing his dancing and action scenes to Hrithik Roshan. Tiger’s senior Riteish Deshmukh has labeled him the Van Damme of India.

Tiger can’t stop being grateful. “To be compared with Hrithik Sir is the biggest compliment ever. But I cannot accept it. There can only be one Hrithik Roshan. As for  Riteish Sir’s compliment he is just being too too kind.I honestly didn’t expect so much love. But we did work very hard.So I am just relieved the audience has appreciated our effort.”

A few days before the release of Baaghi an interview where Tiger was quoted making reactionary statements on the kind of woman he’d like to marry , threatened to mar his film’s success. But all is well.

“To be very honest, the whole thing was blown out of proportions. I can never disrespect women. I am incapable of being rude sarcastic or condescending about any human being.I can never play a character who disrespects women.”