“It’s Time The Prime Minister Spoke Up On Padmaavat,” Says Shatrughan Sinha

Who Wants Bhansali To Show Padmaavat To The Karni Seva

Never short of words, BJP’s most outspoken soldier Shatrughan  Sinha comes out in the open to  implore the Prime  Minister  to come out with his take on the ongoing conflict on the film Padmaavat.

Says Mr Sinha, “Amitabh  Bachchan and  Shah Rukh Khan are being criticized for not coming out to openly condemn the protests against Padmaavat. But why must we in the entertainment industry be expected to take a stand on political issues when the honourable prime minister is quiet? Mr Narendra  Modi and the Information  & Broadcasting minister Smriti Irani should’ve spoken up on the issue long back.Now when the matter has escalated out of hand there is still time for them to speak out. Better late than never.”

Shatrughan Sinha welcomes the honourable Supreme Court’s decision to revoke the ban onPadmaavat.  “It’s  a welcome decision  and  the  right decision.The States which had imposed a  ban on  the  film shold honour the Court’s decision. Having said that  , I wonder why the  issue was  allowed  to escalate to this breaking-point. The  problem should’ve been  nipped  in  the bud. Instead  it was allowed to get  out of hand.”

Mr Sinha feels the solution  lies in showing the  film to the leaders of the Karni Sena. “Let the Sena’a leaders watch the film. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with them. They were very good to me when they honoured me  a month back. The Karni Sena is not unreasonable. Show them the film and let them decide there is  nothing objectionable  against their revered  Queen Padmavati in  the  film. If they’ve apprehensions why should we  not respect their apprehensions?’

As far as  the threats to vandalize theatres showing Padmaavat goes Shatrughan Sinhacounsels the protesters  to hold their peace. “You  are being hasty  in  your  judgment  . You haven’t seen  the  film.Let the film release and then decide  if there’s anything objectionable. Threatening to  destroy  property and cause damage to human life is not a healthy  form of protest.”

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