Top Bollywood singers who are targeted by Trolls

It is believed that singing is a god-gifted talent which cannot be nurtured by anyone and everyone. And hence, singers are being treated with due respect but there have being instances when some of the top notch singers have faced the flak of increasing phenomenon called Troll. Here is a list of singers who were being troll for different reasons;

Arijit Singh – The king of romantic songs was heard shouting in anger in the middle of the live performance “Somebody F**king Fix This Mic”. While the mic problem was solved immediate, unfortunately he had to face the brunt of trolls for the entire week.

Sona Mohapatra No one utters a single word against the Bhai of Bollywood aka Salman Khan. This is exactly what she did! The Ambarsariya singers faced backlash from Salman Khan’s fans after she tweeted against the superstar’s remark on rape.

A R Rahman – The Oscar winning composer of our country was also not spared by the trolls. He received flak on the social media after some of his fans reportedly walked out of his concert at Wembley Stadium because many of the songs he sang were in Tamil


Monali Thakur – The talented singer wore a nice dress for one of her reality shows but that didn’t go down well with her fans as her slut shammed her for wearing a short dress. Known for raising her voice whenever need, Monali gave it back to her trolls like a boss!

Sonu Nigam – The 43-year-old singer was trolled on social media for voicing his opinion on the use of loudspeakers at mosques

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Top Bollywood singers who are targeted by Trolls