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Torn Between Boney & Salman’s War, Anees Bazmi Cries For Truce



Torn Between Boney & Salman’s War, Anees Bazmi Cries For Truce

Director  Anees Bazmi is  caught in  a peculiar deadlock. His  2005  hit comedy No Entry  is all set to go into an encore. But the sequel is  caught  in  the line of fire  between producer Boney Kapoor and  Salman Khan who are  not on  the  best of terms.

Apparently  Salman has decided to  go ahead with a  sequel to No  Entry without Boney regardless  of Boney  being the  producer  of  the original  film.

Speaking candidly  on  the  issue  Anees who wrote and directed No Entry  says, “As far as I am concerned No Entry is Boney Kapoor’s  production. It is only right that I make the film for him.  Boney and I have  been working together since  2007 when I  directed  my first film for him. It  was entitled  It’s My Life. It  was a remake  of  a Telugu  hit Bommarillu. It fetured Harman Baweja and Genelia d’Souza. It was  meant  to be Kapil Sharma’s  film debut. But the  film never got released. Then we  did No Entry and  have remained  friends since then.”

   Anees confesses he’s  also very close to Salman.  “ Salman is also  a very dear friend. He has  heard  the script of the  No Entry  Sequel.It’s entitled  No Entry Mein Entry. And Salman loved it.”

Anees  is hoping for  a miracle to bring the estranger  producer-star together again.  “Ideally I’d  like to direct No Entry Mein Entry with  Boneyji and Salmanbhai as producer and the lead actor.If that  doesn’t happen I’m clueless as  to how  to go about this.”

For those who came in  late, Salman and Boney had a  fall-out over  the latter’s son Arjun’s  relationship  with the former’s former sister-in-law Malaika Arora.

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