Torrent Of  Hollywood Franchises To Swamp Hindi Releases Post-Baahubali


Just when we though the forthcoming Hindi releases could heave a sigh of relief after the Baahubali invasion, there is another danger threatening Bollywood .

Its a phase of intense uninterrupted Hollywood invasion beginning with Pirate Of The Caribbean: Salazars Revenge this Friday which takes on the eagerly awaited SachinTendulkar Bio-pic Sachin A Billion Dreams.

Interestingly both the film are being released in multiple Indian languages besides Hindi and English.

The following Friday(June 2) when two of Hollywoods biggest films Baywatch and Wonder Woman battle it out at the boxoffice they are also likely to deal a crushing blow to a cluster of Hindi films . Coming on June 2 along with the two franchise flagships from Hollywood are some very interesting Hindi films like Prawaal Ramans subversive remake of the hit British horror film Oculus entitled Dobaara See Your Evil, Sunaina Bhatnagars Dear Maya(Manisha Koiralas comeback film),and the interestingly-cast RajKumar Rao-Shruti Haasan rom-com Bahen Hogi Teri.

Yes, all these Hindi films jostle for attention on June 2 along with the two Hollywood Biggies Wonder Woman and Baywatch, which if you look at it, are also Hindi films as they are dubbed in the rashtra bhasha.

Producer censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani describes this rush of releases as suicidal. Not even one of these Hindi films will get proper theatres on June 2. Sachin A Billion Dreamswould be going strong in the second week . If any shows of Sachin are terminated they would be replaced by Baywatch and Wonder Woman. What happens to all the Hindi films is anyones guess.

Wait. There is more. The following Friday on June 9 when Tom Cruise big Summer blockbuster The Mummy releases in India in four languages, the sexy reincarnation sagaRaabta with Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon also hits the screens.

So whom would you want to see on June 9 , Tom Cruise or our own Sushant?

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