“It Was Tough Shooting In The Golden Temple With Saif,”  Says Chef Director

Visiting the Golden Temple to seek blessings before a film’s release is a common occurrence. But shooting inside the sacred temple’s premises? Not so easy.

So director Raja Krishna Menon(he, of the brilliant Airlift fame) discovered when he landed at Amritsar to shoot with Saif Ali  Khan for the film Chef.

Apparently the authorities had a tough time keeping the pilgrims, visitors and even the  gurdwara sevaks and workers at the Golden temple from jostling for pictures.

Says Menon, “It was tough since we really aren’t allowed to disturb the other pilgrims at the Golden Temple. And when they saw Saif in the flesh they wanted pictures but we finally managed to get some really beautiful shots.”

The  director recalls with joy and nervousness the challenge of shooting in the sacred temple. “There were huge crowds but really well-behaved while we were shooting. It was quite a beautiful experience. They just wanted to see Saif. I was quite pleasantly surprised to know how many people in those crowds were Airlift fans.”

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