Trailer Review: Thankfully, Goodachari Is Not Trying To Be Mission Impossible

In Mission Impossible Fallout there is one emotional moment that kind of tears in our heart. It is when a brave female cop in Paris is shot at by the villains during her call of duty and before the baddies can actually kill her Cruise guns them down. The impact of the moment is squandered in the big chase that follows. This is a  man on a mission. No time for introspection.

  The trailer of Goodachari, the intriguing new Telugu espionage thriller starring Adivi Shesh who helmed the very interesting Kshanam two years ago, moves in a direction opposite to Mission Impossible. The emotions are accentuated and contoured even in the brief trailer.

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Goodachari is the story of a son’s search for his father who happened to work for Indian Intelligence. The impetus is intrigued. But the heft comes from the emotional-recall of a hero who has grown with questions about his past. Ethan Hawke would never suffer from an identity crisis. He is too busy riding and flying around the world to pause for introspection.

 Make no mistake. Goodachari seems an intelligent film on Indian Intelligence. Adivi Shesh who belongs to a new growing breed of South Indian actors who act tough and bring a uncompromising integrity to the cinema with their worldview of socio-political affairs.

 I am not sure how engaging the film will be. But one thing is certain. To refer to  Goodachari and many of the other non-Bollywood films being made lately in different parts of India as “regional’ is plainly criminal.

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