More Trouble For Kamal Haasan: “What Is Wrong In Naming The Victim?”

It looks  like trouble has fallen in love with  Kamal Haasan’s life. Two days ago fundamentalists were screaming for his arrest for allegedly denigrating Hindu culture on Bigg Boss.

Now  there’s  a fresh demand for his arrest for naming the victim.

in the Dileep alleged-assault case in Kerala at a press conference.

Kamal Haasan is  dumbfounded by what he sees as the warped wisdom of the moral brigade.

“Firstly this was a press meet for my new stint on Bigg Boss.So there was no relevance  of  any question on the the alleged assault in Kerala. However since I was asked  about it ny a lady reporter I politely replied , and I mentioned the victim’s name. This, apparently, is not an acceptable way of addressing the wronged lady.They want me arrested for naming her,” Kamal Haasan  is flabbergasted.

“I don’t understand why we must conceal her name.She has come forward to speak of her own harrowing experience.She’s very brave, and I am  very proud of her.I see no reason to hide her name. Having said this, I don’t know what the law says on this matter.So I’d reserve any further comment,” adds the actor.

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