Twinkle Khanna Takes Over  Karan’s Koffee  Session

There is something about Twinkle Khanna, a.k.a Ms Funnybones that sets her aside from all other star-wives and  from the  rest of the beautiful women in the entertainment business.

For one, she says anything she wants and gets away with it. Then again, she genuinely loves her husband. On  Koffee With Karan on Sunday we  could see the love because she wasn’t trying to show it, the love, I mean.

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Oh ,no. Twinkle Funny Bones had plenty of other  things to show.Like her sass.Which she wears like a second skin. The things she said to Karan Johar on Sunday night are things no one would say to Karan. Like when he asked her which of the  three Khan superstars—Shah Rukh, Salman, Aamir (incidentally she has worked with all three during her remarkably unremarkable film career)—she found to be the best.

“Add Fawad Khan to the list and you tell us which is  your favourite,” quickly came Twinkle’s repartee. Karan didn’t know where to look. Ditto Akshay.

You think that was politically incorrect? Then try this. Twinkle actually brought up the placatory  video that  Karan Johar shot to appease political elements in Mumbai for working with a Pakistani actor(the aforementioned Fawad Khan). She called it …brace yourself….Johar’s  “hostage video.”

All three giggled over that one. Okay, let’s be fair, Akshay Kumar did not giggle at his wife’s  tyrannical transgressions. A lot of times he stared at his feet. Or tried to laugh off his “better”  half’s loud candour. But  then he loves her. And he proved it by singing an entire Frank Sinatra  number for   her on the show.Note  by note.

This  was really the highlight of the evening.  Because it also showed Karan Joharcoming out openly in admiration of the marital circle from which he is blanked out by his sexual preference. In what could be seen as Indian television first real show of metro-sexuality Akshay first danced with his wife and then with Karan who sighed, “I wish I could marry you.”

Not that Akshay shied away  from getting frank and fearless. He made sarcastic comments on Indian awards functions.Twinkle had this to say on this subject:  “Other actors have awards cabinets. My husband has a cabinet filled with money.”

Please note. This episode of Koffee With Karan was shot before he Prime Minister demonetization scheme.

And he told us that his sassy wife torment-taunted him for not getting any. “Both my parents(Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia) have won National awards. What have you won?”Akshay was  taunted.

Of course Twinkle accepted the domestic bullying charges. Just as she accepted she was a terrible actress and had agreed to marry Akshay only because her big film Melaflopped.

And  what would her memoirs on the film industry be called?

“Tentacles to Testicles,” came the prompt reply

Akshay stared at his coffee.

Rating: ****(4 stars)

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