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Twitter Can Titter, Smita’s Son Is All For Katrina Winning The Smita Patil Memorial Award

While the nation has drawn out its claws to ridicule and condemn the conferment  of the Smita Patil Memorial Award to Katrina Kaif, Smita’s son Prateik  thinks otherwise.

Says Prateik , “ I was told by a journo that Katrina Kaif will be receiving the Smita Patilaward this year on the 19th of September for her contributions towards Indian cinema. First if all,neither my family nor  I had a clue about which actress was chosen for the award till I received a call from the journo asking me if  Katrina is deserving of the award.”

Prateik who is now following his mother’s footsteps by doing  theatre admits he is been following the trolls against Katrina selection for the Award. “I am aware of the ongoing drama and debate over the same on twitter. My mother was a beautiful talented independent and self-made woman.She was extremely hardworking.She worked her way to the top. She was also very popular and was considered to be a strong contender for the no.1 position during her time.”

Katrina, Prateik believes , has all the qualities that his mother had. “Katrina is all that too.She’s a beautiful talented independent and a self-made woman! She is extremely hardworking.Like my mother,she too worked  her way to the top. She is very popular and is considered to be a contender for the No 1 position, just like my mom.”

Pratiek cheers for the beleaguered trolled actress. “Katrina is absolutely deserving of the award! My family and I would like to congratulate and wish her all the love and luck for her bright future! Good luck Kat!”

The veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal who discovered Smita Patil for the cinema also sees nothing wrong in Katrina winning an awards instated to honour the late actress.
“Congratulations to Katrina,” says Benegal.



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