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“Twitter Should Just Get Out,” Payal Rohatgi On Her Deleted Twitter Account



Payal Rohatgi

Payal Rohatgi  doesn’t know what  hit her when on Wednesday she woke up to  her  twitter  account being  disabled.She  claims  it is  the  doing of the people who are  affected by her constant  demand for a probe into Sushant  Singh Rajput’s death.
 “I’ve neither  posted anything derogatory nor have I indulged in  any anti-national  activity.  Yes  I won’t toe  the line,but that  doesn’t mean my voice will be gagged,” says Payal.

Her fight against  what  considers  the bullies and anti-nationals will continue.

“Those who have a problem with my  outspokenness  will continue to  try  to silence me. But they don’t scare me,”  she says , adding that the suspension of her Twitter account is  highly  irregular.

“I  was given no  warning,  no  email  or any kind of  intimation has been sent  to me warning me  of the suspension. It’s  all very sudden and  suspicious.But I don’t care. Twitter  just get  of our country. We don’t need  them to express  ourselves,” says Payal .

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