Udta Punjab Grows At The Boxoffice, Is The Language An Impediment To Its larger Growth?

The controversial Udta Punjab has garnered approximately Rs 30 crores over the weekend at the boxoffice. This is impressive considering the film was leaked online just hours before its release, Also most of the film is in the Punjabi language.

Explains director Abhishek Choubey“If you remember, my last film Dedh Ishqiya was in Urdu with English subtitles.  Now in Udta Punjab the characters speak in Punjabi. We’ve again used English subtitles.I think my characters will always  speak the language they are meant to.Our pan-India audiences are mature enough to accept any language that the characters speak.”

Audiences have shown an inclination to accept the film with its linguistic specificity. The collection over the weekend are an accrued Rs 30 crores.

Says trade analyst Atul Mohan, “Saturday was  better than Friday. After so much of hype this was expected. The start was slow on FridaySunday is looking healthy too. The piracy has affected the film. The true test for the film will begin from Monday. The curious audience has seen the film over the weekend. Ladies, family audience and Muslim audience would prefer to stay away. Lets see how higher it flies.”

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