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Some Unanswered Questions About Sridevi’s Death!



The Nation Wants To Know…

  1. The autopsy report from Dubai states she died  of “accidental drawning(sic.)”. Forget the fact that the certificate doesn’t even have the decency to spell the cause of her death correctly. What about the sheer impropriety of the nature of her death? Who dies by drowning in a bathtub? No autopsy can determine accidental drowning. It can determine just the cause of death as drowning. Whether it is an accident or not would be determined by circumstantial evidence.
  2. How did she fall and die in the bathtub? How did she get there??  Her husband claims she got up to go to the hotel bathroom to get ready to go out for dinner with him. Given that she had to get ready quickly as her husband was waiting to take her to dinner , would she fill up the bathtub for a bath or just take shower and be done with it?
  3. A  bathtub that size takes a minimum of 25-30 minutes to fill. But miracle of miracles, Sridevi had it filled, got into it and was drowned in it, all in  15 minutes…Unless she had it filled from before, ready for the catastrophe. And then, even more miraculously, there was not a drop of water anywhere outside the bathtub.All very confusing.
  4. Boney Kapoor says he called a friend when he couldn’t revive his wife in the bathtub. Who is this mysterious friend whom he called instead of calling the cops or the hotel staff? The police were not informed about the sudden death for three hours. The protocol for hotel staff is to call the police.
  5. The scary part is not so much that she died leaving behind many unanswered questions. The scarier part is those questions will now be never answered. There should have been the second autopsy before her cremation. Now there will be questions remaining about her death, as it happened with Marilyn Monroe.
  6. We have a right to know how she died. Sridevi’s death is not a family matter. She belonged to every Indian.
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