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Ustad Amjad Ali Khan’s UK Visa Still Not Cleared



The Sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is still awaiting his visa clearance for his proposed concert in the UK.

Distressed and baffled by the delay the Ustad says, “I have not heard anything from the visa office.Mr KeithVaz of London is guiding our travel agent Roma Sharma on how to apply again. I might be called soon for another interview  with the fresh visa fee. I was hoping for a call from  the High Commissioner or  even the  peon, clerk from the  UK visa  office.But  till date I’ve not heard anything from them.I hope to receive  my visa soon.”

In the meanwhile the London press has taken up the Ustad’s visa cause , questioning the British government for obstructing the visa.

Says the Ustad, “I wish the High Commissioner  of the UK   or any of his staff members could explain to  me the complications responsible for rejecting my visa.Anyway the British  government must  formulate a set of guidelines for visa applications for artistes . Aage Allaah Hee Maalik Hai”

The Ustad is anguished by the unexpected roadblock in his journey, “I feel very  helpless at such  moments and situations.. Adab,  Lehaaz Tehzeeb  Tameez.  Sharm aur Lehaaz ….these terms sound  quite  ancient and outdated.But the etiquette that I value belong to an  Old- world Culture.I belong to that beautiful world of a bygone culture and era.And I am proud of it. If this is the price I pay for the way I am, then so be it.”

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