Varun & Alia Were Insanely Entertaining Together

Koffee With Karan has never been more fun. This week when AliaBhatt and Varun Dhawan got together , it was like watching two soul mates,siblings scampering for the same goals in life and yet getting their in their own unique way.

Watching the two  together I wondered how we would ever be able to take them seriously as lovers on screen when they were for all outward appearances, like two siblings constantly bickering back-biting but insanely protective of one another even if the male sibling(Varun) is a  bit of an attention-seeking brat.

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The duo turned Karan Johar’s show into a zany fest of friendly banter. There were whoops of joy and oodles of fun to be had.

I’ve to admit the scamper for the hamper has never been more enjoyable. Varun was unselfconsciously tactile plonking himself into Alia’s lap, letting us know in not so many words that he was not aroused under the cushion that he was holding on his lap, and yes that girls should wear a “bra panty and top” to bed.

Girls, were you taking notes?

While the line  of decorum just didn’t seem to exist for Bratty Varun,Alia was careful not to cross that line. Yes, she was having a  ball.But she kept herself on the correct side of the line. And yes, she more or less confirmed she is dating Siddharth Malhotra when she confessed that in her love-life she had found “more than what she had hoped for.”

Earlier on the show when the host asked Varun what did SiddharthMalhotra have that he didn’t , Varun looked with that goofy grin at Alia which said it all.As revenge perhaps Alia told us that Varunconsidered Amitabh Bachchan and Kangana Ranaut his biggest rivals.

Go figure.

Just for the record Varun got the hamper.And he made sure he made Alia feel terrible about her loss.These were the most competitive guests Karan has ever had on his show.And the most entertaining.

At the end Alia and Varun had their revenge on behalf of all the guests on the show when they put the host through the grilling roast.

One of Varun’s questions was, has Karan ever fantasized about any of his actors?

The show should be marked for Adults Only.

For the record, Karan answer was yes.

Cross his legs and hope to die.

Episode rating: ****

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