Varun Dhawan and I share great vibes: Parineeti Chopra


Parineeti Chopra’s smoking-hot avatar in the item song Jaan-e-man aah in Dhishoom has attracted an immense amount of attention, of the right kind.Yup, after a self-imposed layoff Parineeti is back in the thick of things. In an interview with Subhash K Jha she discusses her special vibes with Varun Dhawan and that feeling of being on top of the world.

So now you’re looking so good that films invite you to do a special song?

Ha ha. I hope so. I’ve worked hard on looking a particular way.

When I saw Jaan-e-man aah even I want, ‘Ah’

(laughs) I hope it was an achchi wali aah. But seriously, it’s a fun dance number…We wanted to recreate the kind of fun songs that Govinda did with Karisma Kapoor or Raveena Tandon. When you watch these actresses dancing with Govinda you can say there was great connection between them  and they had a great time doing what was called raitaa phelana. They went all-out and just danced their heart out.

Your friend Ranveer Singh has commented on your raaita phelana in the Dhishoom song?

Yes ha ha.We both love Govinda’s songs. That’s the spirit we want to capture when we dance. I’ve wanted to do such a song for a very long time. And the number Jaan-e-Jaan ah seemed like the perfect mix of everything that I wanted to do in a song. I wanted to look a certain way, I  wanted a good peppy song,and I wanted a good co-dancer which I got in Varun Dhawan. Varun and I share great vibes and we feed off each other’s energy level.We were are quite on the same page.

I hope this leads to a feature film together for you and Varun because you two really look good together?

Of course! I’ve worked with all the other young actors of my generations except Varun. We did work together for a cellphone ad during our first year in the entertainment industry.And that too was great fun. We will certainly do a film together very soon.We’re fond of each other.

It seems your film with Varun will happen sooner rather than later?

We are both keen to work together. Varun and I equally enthusiastic about our work.We don’t have to make an effort to match out energy level. Varun  is obsessed with only one things, and that’s  doing better and better in his films.I like that.

Why did you choose to make a comeback with a special number?

The song just came my way. Otherwise I’d have liked to be seen in the film Meri Pyaari Bindu which I’ve signed. Varun met at an event and he said, ‘We’re planning a song and I know you’d never do it.’  I shot back, ‘How do you know I wouldn’t do it? Ask me.’ He said no, ‘I won’t ask you.’ I said, ‘Ask’ .So he asked. And I said yes. That’s how it happened.


After that all of put our heads together—me, Varun,(director) Rohit Dhawan, (choreographer) Ahmed Khan Sir, (music composer) Pritam..we were all in it together determined to create something special. Luckily , it turned out well.It’s so easy to do a number which is sexy and easy to like. We aimed at doing something different.

Now you should do a remake of a Govinda-Karisma Kapoor starrer with Varun?

That’s a great idea. Why don’t you ask David Uncle(director David Dhawan) to  do this? That would be amazing.


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