Varun Dhawan-Arjun Kapoor Friends No More?

By A  Correspondent

Why was Varun Dhawan missing from Arjun Kapoor’s birthday bash earlier this week?​

Varun and Arjun are known to be very close friends from childhood. Being the sons of well-known filmmakers they attended the same  birthday parties as kids and grew up to become leading men at the same time.

Not surprisingly the two young actors are even offered the same roles at times. Therefore to no one’s surprise Mohit Suri’s  Half Girlfriend was first offered to Varun.

Varun, for reasons of date issues and maybe because he didn’t like the script ,refused the role. Arjun  accepted the part, and the film went on to become a reasonable success recently.

But now comes the twist in the tale. Apparently Varun has been heard telling his close friends he was glad he didn’t do Half Girlfriend.This gloating from a dear friend has not been taken kindly by Arjun.

First rule of boxoffice etiquette: you don’t go around talking about the  films that you reject(unless you are Kangana Ranaut). It is an insult to the people who finally do the film.

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