Varun Dhawan Calls It Quits With His Girlfriend?

Stardom takes its toll on one more relationship in show business. According to reliable sources Varun Dhawan, riding the crest of success withJudwaa 2 has broken off with his long-standing girlfriend Natasha Dalal.

“The two are giving their relationship a breather. The rift was bound to happen. With Varun’s growing stardom and the accompanying pressures on his time and attention, the time spent with his loved ones has shrunk. While Varun’s mother is okay with her laadla beta not spending enough time at home, the same is not true with the girlfriend who, rightly, feels neglected and shortchanged,” says a friend of Varun, adding that the couple have only decided to give one another some time to gather their thoughts together.

“It’s not over between them. The two families are anxious to see them get together again. But at the moment Varun’s priority is his career and if Natasha wants their relationship to continue she’ll just have to accept Varun’s priorities,” says the friend.

And she’ll also have to come to terms with Varun’s fan following,specially girls, that had begun to stifle the relationship.

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