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Varun Dhawan is not afraid of failure: David Dhawan



For  the first  time in his  entire career as a filmmaker David Dhawan has  now decided to go  serious  as  a filmmaker.  In what could possibly be  a radical  career turn-around David now plans to do a serious(read: non-comedy) film with his son in the lead.

This decision came after seeing his son Varun Dhawan’s work in Shoojit Sircar’s October.

Says  David admiringly, “I can’t believe the work that my son is doing. When I look at the work he’s doing I forget everything I’ve done  so far. Varun is not afraid of failure. He  doesn’t follow any formula,nor adhere  to any set pattern. I  need to  also  move away from the  set formula, find an adventurous route.He tells me it’s very liberating. I must try it.”

David  promises  to get together with Varun to  do something “entirely unexpected , even shocking”

Says the prolific director, “If Varun can fall so comfortably into  my formula in Judwa 2  I can  just as easily move away from  the formula to  create something completely unexpected withVarun.”

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