Varun Dhawan ‘Kicks’ Tapsee Pannu

When he is excited—and that’s more often than not—Varun Dhawan tends to forget his bearings. That’s exactly what happened  earlier today while he was shooting a song and dance with Tapsee Pannu and Jacqueline Fernandez for his dad David Dhawan’s Judwa 2.

Varun ,all charged up about the intricate steps , suddenly kicked his leg  a little too hard towards Tapsee. The leg landed on her rather than in the air.

Though hurt, Tapsee has  no  hard feelings.

Says  Tapsee, “It was actually quite funny. While we were shooting  a song and dance Varun’s foot hit my hand .No harm done.It’s okay. Hota hai.”

Ever the  gentleman , Varun  was heard apologizing profusely.

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