Varun Dhawan Is Shah Rukh Khan’s First Choice For Ittefaq Remake

Has Varun Dhawan said no to Shah Rukh Khan’s offer to step into the iconic role played by Rajesh Khanna in the Yash Chopra-directed  Ittefaq (produced by Yash’s brother B R Chopra) way back in 1969?

The role of the psychologically traumatized man on the run after being accused of murdering his wife, had taken the young handsome superstar’s career to the next level.Any self-respecting star of today would give his right arm and left testicle to do a new version of Ittefaq which B.R Chopra’s grandson Abhay Chopra will direct.

Not Varun Dhawan it, seems.Reliable sources say Shah Rukh who is one of the producers of the new Ittefaq offered the part of the fugitive hero  to Varun who has cited date issues as a reason for being unable to immediately accept Shah Rukh’s offer.

Varun Dhawan Is Shah Rukh Khan’
Varun Dhawan Is Shah Rukh Khan

However the reason for Varun’s reluctance  could be entirely different.Sources say that after the Dilwale experience Varun is wary of doing another film for Shah Rukh Khan’s production house.

“However Varun has not said no as yet. In the meanwhile Ranveer Singh and Siddharth Malhotra have also been approached,” says the source.

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