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Varun Dhawan Versus Kangana Ranaut

This Friday  the intrepid Kangana Ranaut locks horns with the  affable  Varun Dhawan at  the  boxoffice. Is  there anything in common between  the two? Apparently, yes.Read on for a collection  of  corny commonality.

1.     The  David Dhawan Connection:  Well, yes. Everyone knows that Varun is David Dhawan’s son. But do you know that once Kangana acted in a film directed  by  David Dhawan? It was   called  Rascals. And from what  one hears it was a terrible experience  for  all concerned including of course Kangana. Apparenly Ajay Devgan who played  one  of  the title  roles swore never  to work with Kangana again.

2.     The Smalltown Connection:  From  Tanu Weds Manu to Panga,Kangana specializes in smalltown dramas . Varun who has an urban image has  also done smalltown dramas. Remember Sui  Dhaaga, Humpty Sharma  Ki Dulhaniya and  Badrinath  Ki Dulhnaiya?

3.     Almost co-stars: Here’s something that  nobody knows. Varun and Kangana came  close to  being co-stars. Yesss! And that  too in  a Karan Johar film. Here’s how it went. Karan  had recently  worked with Kangana in  Ungli and they had  not started doing unglee to each  other yet.That’s when Karan thought of launching  Varun with Kangana. Just a thought.

4.     Nepotism Debate: At the  peak of  the nepotism debate when  Kangana  was sneering at  Karan Johar  for being the  flagbearer  of  the nepotism gang, Varun had stood  up for Kangana  stating,  “Who all has Karan  launched by now? They’re all star kids right? Then it’s not an accusation, it’s the truth.”.Spoken like  a true superstar-son.

5.     The Karan  Factor:  To end all Panga and the mutual unglee doing…Karan Johar has seen and loved Panga. Now it’s time for Kangana to see Varun and Shradha Kapoor dance  the  night away in  Street Dancer.

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