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Varun Dhawan’s Bulge Gets Trolled

Varun Dhawan seems to be well built guy.And we are not talking about his overall physique alone, but a particular part of him that was this morning put on full display on Instagram Was the bulging truth unintentional?
 No, say those in the know. Varun wants eyeballs for Dhishoom and this is his ingenious method.
All day  long Varun got trolled for spilling over with home truths that perhaps he was so far afraid to tell.
A friend of the young well-stacked hero says, “While working with John Abraham Varun has learnt the art of flaunting his body. The more you show the more eyeballs you get. John helped Varun overcome his inhibitions about his body in a scene they did together where they both had to pose in boxers. Now Varun is not afraid to let his body do all the talking.”

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