Veerappan Gets Censor Nod, Two Cuts Ordered


Producer-actor Sachin Joshi and director Ram Gopal Varma are thrilled to have received a clearance from thecensors  with an ‘Adults’ certificate.

The censor board asked for only two major cuts.

Says a source, “They asked for a scene showing Veerappan killing his baby, to be toned down. The shot of the baby being battered on a rock was asked to be removed and replaced by appropriate music.”

All references to V Prabhakaran the LTTE chief have been asked to remove.

Says the source, “Even  here, the board members were easy on Ramu’s film.After Shoojit Sircar’s Madras Caféall references to the LTTE chief have been put on the censors’ extra-caution list. There was a lot of protests from Tamil groups about Parabhakaran in Madras Café. However the censor board was again, very accommodating with Veerappan. They only asked a line about the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi to be modified.”

Surprised by the liberal view taken of the violent and controversial outlaw’s bio-pic director Ram Gopal Varmarushed off an appreciative text to censor chief Paahlaj Nihalni for a job well done.

Says the Veerappan producer Sachiin Joshi, “ We expected the censors to be difficult with our film. It is a controversial subject and a violent film . But the board members saw the violence within the given context .We were told to make only two major cuts which we happily accommodated.In  fact the censor team was very  helpful, telling us how to make the required changes.”

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