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Veere Di Wedding Trailer Review: It Sparkles With Chick Splendour!



“Guess what  the word for  orgasm in Hindi is?’ asks the visibly zonked-out Shikha Tilsania as her friends Kareena Kapoor Khan, Swara Bhaskar and Sonam Kapoor giggle and guffaw in a  car that seems custom-built for  naughty activities.

The trailer of  Veere Di Wedding which is  just out, sparkles with a  chic chick splendor. Indeed  this seems to be the first bonafide chick flick  from Bollywood’s mainstream cinema. And it bubbles and percolates  with  internal combustion. Yup, all four  girl-women seem ready to explode with a a raunchy indignation.

One of  the girls , the aforementioned  Rani of Raunch Shikha Talsania complains  she  hasn’t had sex  for  a year.Kareena Kapoor Khan is  disgusted  and embarrassed  by her  future in-law’s vulgar display of  ostentatious wealth . Sonam Kapoor seems  to  be stuck with  a jerk  whom she refers to as a ‘bahenc..d’

Yes, to Veere Di Wedding goes the dubious  distinction of getting the extremely upmarket and chic Sonam to use a filthy Hindi expletive.Congratulations  are in  order.

Must  be  very liberating. The trailer of Veere De Wedding seems to go by  fashionable  notions of  empowerment…girls who  swear? Box ticked.Girls who  drink? Box ticked.Girls who treat their boyfriends/ spouses like cretinousvermins? Box ticked. Girls who think marriage  is  a pain in the purse? Box ticked. Girls  who discuss orgasms? Box ticked.

Although Veere De Wedding plays it by  the rulebook, there is nonetheless plenty of verve and vitality in  the interactive swirls that  the  trailer takes in its tumultuous lifespan. All the four  actresses give  a sharp spin and a tantalizing twirl to their buddy-buddy baatein. It’s a delight to  see the feisty fraternization  among the  four  enticing actresses.

 For the rest, the  film does seem  to be  a bit trite around  the  edges.  But then so what? At least these  girls seem to be having fun. We  can only hope to join in when the  film releases on June 1.

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