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VHP Labels Netflix Anti-Hindu, To Set Up An Examining Panel



VHP Labels Netflix Anti-Hindu, To Set Up An Examining Panel 10

The  Vishnu Hindu Parishad(VHP) has threatened  to launch an all-India  agitation against  Netflix for alleged anti-Hindu activities.  Giving the example  Netflix’s  Leila, Ghoul, Chippa, Sacred Games and Krishna & His Leela, a letter  from the VHP accuses Netflix of targeting and  tarnishing Hinduism.

After  the premiere of the feature  film Chippa where a Muslim character was repeatedly heard referring to Lord Hanuman as  a ‘bandar’(monkey)  another film this time the Telugu film Krishna & His Leela  about  a  guy named Krishna(Siddhu  Jonnalagada)  being portrayed as a modernday Krishna with many  love/lust  interests.

The   allusion to mythology has not gone down well  with  a section of the audience who are calling the  film out for its anti-Hindu content.We now hear  from reliable sources that Netflix  has decided  to appoint an elaborate  filtering  process to avoid  any such  unsavoury  allegation and  controversies  in  the future.

A  source close  to the development informs, “Netflix believes in  full freedom of expression. But a  lot of  people have begun to feel that this  freedom  is being misused on the OTT platform. Netflix wants  to  ensure this doesn’t happen in  the  future.”

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