Video Showing The Mighty Rajinikanth Ill-Treating House Help


Last week the superstar  of superstars shamed  himself by showing himself  in a very poor light as an employer.Rajinikanth  , wife Latha  and  a few other  guests drove down to Satyam cinema in Chennai to catch an  evening  show of the Thalaiva’s  new blockbuster  2: 0

The  entire theatre had been booked for  the occasion .  Once in the  theatre Rajini and his family made themselves comfortable . But a young girl, apparently the house help, was seen standing behind the family, watching the  entire film  in the stanging position.

What  has incensed  both non-supporters and  fans  of Rajinikanth is that only  a few seats are occupied in the entire theatre.

Says a young star of Tamil cinema, “She could’ve sat anywhere in the theatre, a little away from family, almost all the seats  were empty.  I agree, to make her stand  was cruel. But not to the people in  the video. You  must understand that domestic help in Tamil Nadu  and  probably in  the  rest of the  country,is constantly shown its place.  You can’t have your house help sitting  with you.  The belief is , if you treat them as  equals unka matha ghoom jayega(they will get a swollen head). In many star homes of  Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai, the  domestic help is given the shabbiest treatment, made to sleep on a hard surface, given a different  food from what the employers eat. See, we calling them employers. But they behave  like the lord and master vis a  vis their staff. Rajini Sir doesn’t think he’s  doing anything shocking. If he had asked the  house help to sit with them and enjoy 2: 0 she ‘d have probably fainted of shock.”

A  colleague of Rajinikanth in  Mumbai admits there is  widespread discrimination against  the household staff in  the film fraternity.

“But why single  out film folks for treating their staff shabbily? It happens in every section of Indian  society. It is the  wife in the family who decides the  behaviour to be meted out to the staff.And often times  the behaviour  is guided by class distinction rather than human compassion.”

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