Vidya Balan Provides Unexpected Support For Kangana Ranaut


If Kangana Ranaut finds herself isolated in her battle with Hrithik Roshan  she has herself to blame. Her outspoken  nature and determination not to mince words have made her a fearful entity among most of the Bollywood ’s important circles.

At a time when she desperately needs support actresses like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra whose voices would have mattered have chosen to stay mum.

At a time like this Vidya Balan speaking up on Kangana’s behalf has made all the difference to the latter. At the trailer launch of Vidya’s Tee3n the actress(without naming Hrithik or specifying the issue) said she admiredKangana for standing up for herself.

Earlier during the week the Big B Amitabh Bachchan was seen greeting and speaking warmly to Kangana with his arm affectionately around her bare shoulder.

Says a source close to the Bachchans, “It was only after Bachchan Saab took the initiative and reached out toKangana that the rest of the film industry has woken up. After Vidya vocalized her support for Kangana there will be other actresses coming forward.”

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