Vijay Devarakonda: “I hate teasers trailers that give away the story”

Last  year  Vijay Devarakonda created waves in Telugu cinema with his exceptionally unconventional hero-giri in  Arjun Reddy.Now he is all set to recreate a different kind  of heroism in his new filmTaxiwaala whose trailer is just out. Vijay talks to Subhash K Jha

The trailer of Taxiwaala gives nothing away?

It’s deliberate. I hate teasers trailers that give away the story.

Is this going to be a thrill-a-minute experience for the audience?

I  was extremely on the edge of my seat and enjoyed every bit when I heard the narration first. So I want the same organic experience for my audience.We wanted to set the mood of the film with the teaser and in hindsight you’ll connect the dots.

Is your character in Taxiwaala very different from Arjun Reddy?

It’s far removed.The character  I  play in Taxiwaala is an uneducated innocent chap wanting to make a living.Realising that cab drivers are making a quick buck he decides on becoming one. That changes his life.

You  also have  the Tamil  bio-pic Mahanati ready for release?

Mahanati is me just playing my part in something larger. It’s the team that lunched me first who were trying to tell the story for this huge star from another generation(South Indian legend Savithri).

Doing such diverse roles,  is that your way of beguiling the audience?

It is self- titillation I think. Doing things that excite and challenge me.

Sounds  like masturbation?

Films are such a personal choice.But it’s not like masturbation. Because ten other people decide the fate of the climax.Or how it eventually ends.. so many factors shape it.

Your next film?

Yes. Work on Nota is going on.Nota is a political drama, a very gritty script that came to me post the success of Arjun Reddy. It came to me with an option of making it in Telugu. Even though the original was in Tamil. I felt it was original and at home in Tamil, so I  decided to push my personal boundaries.We are now making it a bilingual.

Do you see a resurgence  in  Telugu cinema?

It is very very much happening. When new players come they bring  new energy,new directors. It always pushes existing patterns in new directions.

What did  you think of  Ramcharan  Teja’s blockbuster Rangasthalam?

I really enjoyed the film. I love the director for what he did with it. You can see his effort and ability all over the film.All the lead actors also really made it something else.

How  about a sequel to Arjun Reddy?

Sequel Yes , remake No.I think we will have a go at it.Me and (director) Sandeep Vanga have previously discussed ideas. In passing.Maybe we can carry  the story  forward  to show how Arjun turns out when he becomes a 40-year-old.Hmmm. that’s definitely the story we should explore.

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