Vijay Devarakonda Not Apologetic About ‘Cool Chick’ Remark

When Arjun Reddy actor Vijay Devarakonda tweeted  about the legendary Tamil actress Savithri being a  “cool chick” he hadn’t expected a  backlash.

 Her fans have taken umbrage and slammed Vijay who is unfazed.

 Says the cool-as-a-cucumber actor, “I meant she was a super-cool girl who did as she willed. Apparently she had the largest vintage car collection. I found that very fascinating about her. At a time where most women didn’t work she was acting directing singing producing having the largest car collection.”

Vijay Devarakonda Not Apologetic About ‘Cool Chick’ Remark 2

 But the Southern  moviegoers are known to be  heavily into hero-worship….or heroine-worhip.  Vijay will have none of that. “I don’t worship people like gods or goddesses.I don’t pretend to.I see her(Savithri) as a young girl, a woman.A superstar.We are all human, have our attributes and weaknesses. She had hers.”

Vijay  was  rather  taken aback by the vehemence of  the attack. “It was a bit surprising because a lot of it comes from ignorance.Some of them have the right intentions .But it’s misplaced.And the issue ,whoever had it, had it with my choice of word(chick).But I think it’s never about the word but your understanding of it.Mard  in India means ‘man’ something you are proud of.Merde– pronounced similarly in French means – ‘shit’.So I meant it in the coolest  most harmless way.”

   Vijay is  not  about to apologize  for his  remark . “If someone’s understanding of it so crude,  then it’s none of my problem. As I understand it  people have opinions, people have intentions.I let it be for the most part.But I don’t like being told how I should say stuff,how I should do stuff.You pass your opinions on me. I am fully ok with that. But don’t dictate to me what I should or shouldn’t do.”

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