Vijay Devarakonda Celebrates His Birthday With Icrecream Trucks Across Hyderabad

Of all the novel ways I’ve heard of actors/celebrities celebrating their birthdays, this one takes the cake…rather, the ice cream.

Tomorrow May 9 as Arjun Reddy star Vijay Devarakonda turns a year older he will celebrate his birthday in a unique way. Three icrecream trucks will travel across the length and breadth of Hyderabad distributing ice creams to all and sundry on the road.

Says Vijay, “Normally I don’t celebrate my birthday. What is there to celebrate ? But it’s summer, so I hired three ice cream trucks to drive around the city and give people outdoors free icecream.The idea is to just have the trucks cover the length and breadth of the city.Three trucks. Different directions And whoever wants can come and get an ice cream.I will also be on one of the routes for a few hours.I’ll make sure all traffic cops and kids and people on the roads get it, and everyone else who wants a cooler.”

This is the first time Vijay is celebrating his birthday. “I normally don’t celebrate birthdays.I feel very awkward.I feel it’s attention for the wrong reasons.I usually turn off my phone from 12 tonight.As in I didn’t even choose to be born.It’s something my parents decided- to have a kid.Why should I take any credit for it? I like attention for things I do, like a good film or performance or an interview even, But yeah, this ice cream truck gives some meaning to the day.”

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